Sunday, June 24, 2012

Page Layout not available in Site

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SharePoint is so huge that sometime you forget things which you did some time before. (Bad memory). So it is better to blog so that i can easily find it next time or someone can save their time by searching on web.

Today i was working to create site content type and deploy it to the site. By the way, every site in site collection has its own content type gallery. By default every child sites will inherit parent content type but there are settings available  to restricted this inheritance. 

User can manage site content types through Site --> Site Settings -->  Look and Feel --> Page layouts and site templates. 

Make sure "SharePoint Server Publishing" feature is activated on site otherwise this settings wont appear in Site Settings.

So after creating page layout, deploy it to the site and see whether it is available inside  Site Settings --> Galleries --> Master pages and page layouts. 

Everything in my case worked fine but still page layout was not available in options while creating new page. 

Problem was within  the settings of Page Layouts of the Site. Three kind of settings can be done on page layouts
  1. Pages inherit  preferred layouts from parent site (disabled for parent site)
  2. Pages in this site can use any layout
  3. Pages in this site can only use the following layouts
Also any of the above settings can be pushed to child site/sites by selecting check box for "Reset all subsites to inherit these preferred page layouts settings"

If option  "Pages in this site can only use the following layouts" is selected then make sure layout is available  on the right side box. Above snapshot shows that items on left is a pool of items and items on right are the available items in site. If any of the item you want to add to current site then select item from left and hit "Add" . After this click OK to apply settings.

Now page layout is available in the site.