Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Simple designer workflow for sharepoint 2013

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Here i will show you how to get started with designer workflow in sharepoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 workflow uses new workflow manager service which is build on top to windows workflow foundation. Follow steps from msdn  article ( to install workflow manager 1.0.

Scenario :  If  person uses apple handset then add name of the person to Apple List

Before we start creating workflow, we will need 2 lists.

List 1: UserList
Type: CustomList
Fields:  1. UserName : Single Line of Text
                2. MobileHandSet: Single Line of Text

List 2: AppleHandsetUserList
Type : CustomList
Fields:  1. UserName: Single Line of Text

Once list is created then go to SharePoint Designer and connect to the Site.

Once site is open click Workflow from left pane. And then click List Workflow from ribbon

 On List Workflow menu, click "UserList" . This will open Create List Workflow dialog box

Name: "Apple handset user tracker"
Description : " Tracking users who use apple handset"
Platform Type:  SharePoint 2013 Workflow 
Hit OK.

This will bring you to text-based designer

Specify condition in Stage 1. Under Common Condition in Condition in ribbon, select "if any values equals value" 

Click first value, to select field from dialog. Select MobileHandSet from field. Then click right side value, this will open blank dialog. Enter Apple inside it and hit save.

Now specify Action if condition is met.

Click Actions --> List Actions --> CreateListIem

Click "this list" from action text. Select List: AppleHandsetUserList and specify field and value

Now we are almost ready. Just one final step. i.e Transition to stage 
Select Go to Stage. End of workflow.  Your workflow should look like below snapshot.

Select start up options for the workflow from list Workflow --> Workflow settings

Select Start workflow automatically when item is created.

Click "check for the errors from workflow tab in ribbon. If there are no error then hit save and the publish. 

Go to UserList to test workflow.

Enjoy !